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There are stories that originate from other stories whose inspiration and raison d'être came from their roots, from the precious legacy left to them by the past. Sevengrams's story is the offspring of a life spent in the world of coffee-roasting. A story that has always had the "flavour" of coffee and the heady aroma of the first, early-morning roasting. This story taught us that each company is built on the strength of its ideas and through the ability of making those ideas work, day after day, with commitment and competence. And with a sense of measure. 

Starting with the 7 grams of coffee that constitute the amount needed to make the perfect espresso. With its strong Italian spirit and solid background in the coffee market, Sevengrams steps onto the international scene as something completely new and different. Not just for its obvious specialization in espresso – the most challenging market segment – but rather for its approach to its audience. With a clear, strong commitment that is always reflected:

- In the quality of 7Gr. blends

- In the transparency of its offers

- In its sharing a trajectory of excellence

The 7Gr. brand always seeks clear, open dialogue with its clients and, in focusing its resources primarily on its product and relative information, it accepts the challenge of not "forcing" its customers into further purchases and of being widely identified by a promise of quality – a promise that it always keeps.

Where to find us


Mo - Fr 8:30-22:30h | Sat 9:30-22:00h | Sun 9:30-20:00h

Senovážné nám. 994/2 Praha 1 - Nové Město 110 00

T: +420 773 968 250 |  E: info at sicily.cz




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Dear guests, we dont accept eservations for lunchtime from 10:00 to 14:00 during working days. Many thanx for your understanding.


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