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Do it by yourself!

DIY 5From the very begining we believe that we accumulate an enormous amount of unnecessary waste and very often do so without thinking. Therefore, from the opening we are searching objects that seem to belong in the trash, but whose aesthetic function has not completely exhausted yet. They can be discarded cups, coffee cans or empty bags of coffee beans, jute bags, discarded damaged EUR pallets or old furniture. We try to look for those things that just need to be adapted easily so that additional users can enjoy them again.

Therefore, we have learned how to drill mugs using diamond drills, because they can be beautiful lamps. We also learned to grind, grind and grind again EUR pallets, because we can sit on them, store wine in it, or we can serve coffe on it. We learned also how to drill coffee cans and make out of them nice spotlight. Each month, we produce at least one piece and we want to prove that there is no need to produce so much waste and some of it can be recycled tastefully and with fun. 



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